Yinka Ogunde

Today's Phenomenal woman is Mrs Ogunde Yinka.  She is a skilled marketing communication professional who is passionate to make positive impact upon her society.  She heads Edumark ( a leading Education Marketing Firm working with lead Educational Institutions across Nigeria.

Edumark is a leading provider of marketing communication services to top institutions in various parts of Nigeria.
Profile source:LinkedIn

She is also Director at Concerned Parents and Educators Network, a social enterprise aimed at addressing issues in our Education sectors, matters arising on parenting and children's well being.

I am greatly inspired by her energetic, supportive and passionate approach to promoting quality Education and improving Education in our country.  I hope she becomes the Minister of Education someday.

I celebrate you Ma.
Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates you.

PS: The selection criteria was based on Convener at Healthy moms and kids Africa observing her over time and becoming inspired.



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