National Bureau of Statistics report on violence and crime against women in Nigeria.

According to the data received from the Nigerian Police force and Ministry of Justice, rape cases in Nigeria have been on the rise. The percentage of rape incidence for girls was 63.04percent in 2015 which increased to 72.13 percent in 2016 but decreased to 69.33percent in 2017.

Over 90percent of suspects arrested for drug related offenses in 2015-2017 92.7, 93.5 and 93.9 respectively were men, while women made up 7.3,6.5,6.2 respectively.

Women aged 45-49 had the highest percentage of Female Genital Mutilation compared to other age group.

Offence of trafficking in person's occured mostly in the 16-25 age group where women constituted about 73.63percent.

National Bureau of Statistics.

What could be done to reduce trafficking in Nigeria?
 How can we have a healthier future when our teenagers are trafficked?

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