The Nigerian Child.

Photo credit: HealthymomskidsAfrica.

The survival of children through their early years depends on the adults who care for them.
Children need to eat well in order to grow, be healthy and strong. They need protection from illness and injury as they explore the world around them. When they are sick, they need good medical care. Adults must meet many needs of a growing child.
Children also need adults who give them love, affection, and appreciation. They need adults who spend time playing and communicating with them. Adults help children from birth to learn the skills that will make it possible for them, too, to become competent, happy, and caring adults.
Community health workers support the efforts of families and other caregivers as they raise their children. Their support can be critical to the child’s healthy growth and development, especially when caregivers also face poverty, isolation, chronic illness, and other difficult conditions.
  • Children should be breastfed,  young children should be given nutritious complementary foods.
  • Adults and caregivers should play and communicate with children to help them learn, and to strengthen their relationship with every child.
  • The Nigerian child is unique, special and should be taken care of. They deserve to live Healthy.
Mothers in rural communities should be taught how to combine their local cultivated produce to provide adequate nutrient for their children.

Avocado can be gotten from nature and mashed to puree for Children.  
Children living in rural areas can benefit also from the nutrient in avocado.

Mothers could be taught how to combine these products.



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