Temiye Olufunke

I call her  "doctor of the mind". Temiye Olufunke is an inspirational speaker at managing my emotions with Funke.

Her quotes have inspired me greatly.
Below are some of her quotes:

"The Antidote to Bitterness is Forgiveness
Forgiveness liberates you more than the other person
Forgive yourself first,then others".

"If U don't even Love Urself,why should anyone else love U?
U teach people how to love U by how U love Urself.

Its starts with U".

"The people in your circle should be a source of reducing the stress in your life not the major cause of it.

Define your circle".

I celebrate what she is doing to make the minds of people strengthened.

I celebrate you Ma.

PS: The selection criteria was based on Convener Healthy Moms and Kids AFRICA following her inspirational quotes and getting strengthened.



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