Kidney Stone survivor

Kehinde started experiencing several symptoms; severe pain in her back side and below her ribs. The pain radiates to her lower abdomen and comes with pain on urination.  She got really bothered and decided to see a physician.
" As I walked through the door to the see a consultant, my heart beat increased". She narrated.

She explained her pain and experiences to the doctor, and she was told that she had to undergo diagnosis using an ultrasound,intrav intra pyleography or CT scan. Most kidney stones will pass through the ureter to the bladder on their own with time.

She was placed on pain control medications to help facilitate the passage of urine. It was not a funny experience.  She decided to go on a natural diet journey to fight through this.
Staying hydrated
Increasing fruit intake especially citrus fruits.
Limiting foods high in oxlate
Reduce high dose of vitamin C
Eating foods rich in calcium.
Reduce salt intake.

She feels a lot better.

#stories of hope
PS: The true identity (name) of the individual was changed for privacy reasons.
The story is to give a sense of hope to anyone suffering from kidney stone.


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