Nigeria ranks 4th Globally in HIV ranking

The Federal Government launched the National AIDs survey in 2018 to determine the accurate distribution of HIV and AIDs.  The survey shows that 1.9million Nigerians are currently affected.

Akwaibom having the highest in the South and Benue in North Central.

This value has drastically reduced because it was earlier estimated that 3.2 million people were affected and Nigeria was ranked second after South Africa with a statistics of about 7.1million.

Please ensure that our teenagers are educated in their various institutions and at home.  Pregnant women living in Rural communities should be given access to adequate antenatal care and also tested during pregnancy.

Avoid sharing needles when fixing your hair in the salon.  Men should endeavor they purchase their own hair cut clippers.
Don't share sharp objects with any one.

Those affected should take their appropriate Antirectoviral drugs and take proper care of their health.



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