Dr Omopeju Afanu

Today's phenomenal woman is Dr Omopeju Afanu. 
She  is well versed in project management, finance and administration with experience in managing different scales of projects earning her the position of Managing Director and Vice President/COO of several organizations.
She has undergone a few professional courses as follows: Interior Design at the National Design Academy, U.K.; Project Management at the University of Adelaide and; Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), U.K. (in view)
She has successfully completed courses in Developing Future Cities at ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Professional Protocol and Etiquette course at the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, U.S.A.; The World Bank Group course on Financing for Development and was certified as a Development Specialist with Distinction; An Introductory course on Private Equity and Venture Capital at University of Bocconi, Spain; Entrepreneurial Management at Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan-Atlantic University sponsored by the World Bank Group.
Her overall entrepreneurial experience span over 15 years commencing as a student in the University of Ibadan while her management experience span over a period of ten years thus acquiring a robust experience in Entrepreneurship, Management, Administration, Finance and other related areas in the private sectors of the economy. She has been responsible for sourcing, managing and training staff for various projects.
She is the Country Director in Nigeria for The Women Empowerment and Development Platform (TWEDP) an NGO dedicated to the growth and empowerment of women at grassroot level as well as supporting children of poor families in public schools by providing them with resources as well as opportunities for qualitative education. She is one of the Directors of the Cromwell International Foundation for the Needy a social enterprise being set up to cater to children with Special Educational Needs. She also provides mentorship and other support to women in business.
What's inspiring about her?
Her humility is overwhelming. You wouldn't imagine that she has these achievements without being told.
She has demonstrated mental and emotional fitness. She has made a difference in the world by impacting lives.
Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates you Ma.



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