Celery root for kidney disease

Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys slow down or stop properly filtering wastes from the body, which can cause build up of waste products and toxic substances in the blood.
A study from 2009 stated that Obese people with prehypertension are at an increased risk of kidney disease.

The national kidney foundation indicated that the following guidelines could reduce risk of developing kidney diseases.

Reduce sodium intake
Reduce processed food
Reduce soda intake
Limit red meat
Reduce sugar intake

Acute kidney injury may be due to bacteria infections, poisoning, drug overdose, heart failure etc.

Chronic kidney failure involves dyfunctioning of the kidney over time.

In kids and teens, birth defect and wrong dieting could cause chronic kidney failure.
Narrowing or obstruction of the uretha affects only boys.
Another cause could be enlargement of one or both sides of the kidney or when large cysts develop in a kidney that has not developed properly, causing it to stop working.

Diet and lifestyle

Olive oil
Celery roots.

Are effective to prevent and reduce kidney disease.


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