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What you need to know about men's prostrate health.

Photo credit: speciality medical dialogue
The prostate is a gland that functions in the reproductive system in men.  The prostate undergoes many changes during the course of a man’s life. The gland generally remains stable until men reach their mid-40’s when, in most men, the prostate begins to enlarge. Statistics; Studies have shown that;  50% of men in their 60’s and nearly 90% of men 70 or older have symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH).Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men and the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men.Over 230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and more than 30,000 men will die from it.9 out of 10 men who are diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer can go on to live a healthy life after proper treatment.                These are healthy Food for Your ProstateIt is important that men should maintain a healthy diet . Studies have shown that men who gain a significant amount of weight are one of the leading factors in whether…

Healthy moms and kids Africa's first step to opening a food bank to reduce food insecurity, improve rural to urban food trade and create food availablilty.

Our food bank program is aimed at providing solutions to cheap food commodities, availability of food produce, urban and rural food trading.

How it works?
1.We source for natural cultivated food produce from rural farmers.
2.The commodities will be packaged for Urban cities.
3.Watch out for our available food products
4. Place an order from us.

Benefits of the food bank program

It ensures food security
It encourages urban and rural trading
It provides cheap food commodity for everyone.
It empowers the rural women who are into farming.
It helps food traders in large cities get affordable food commodities at cheaper rates.
Join us!

more information on this coming soon!


Improving Sanitation facilities and promoting hygiene in schools

photo Puberty is a critical time in the lives of teens. 
Improving sanitation facilities and promoting hygiene in schools benefits both learning and the health of children. Child-friendly schools that offer private and separate toilets for boys and girls, as well as facilities for hand washing with soap, are better equipped to attract and retain students, especially girls. Where such facilities are not available, girls are often withdrawn from school when they reach puberty.

Improving toilet facility in schools would prevent infections. Puberty is a time to get involved in the lives of our teenagers.


Mercy Bello Abu

Today's phenomenal woman is Mercy Bello Abu.  She is a social entrepreneur, Business strategist, coach and a public speaker.

She is Director at EPI( Entrepreneur Platform Initiatives), an organization dedicated to empower entrepreneurs on financial literacy, growing in business, ecetera.

She empowers women to help them discover their potentials and improve in their businesses.

I was privileged to attend one of her mind blowing seminar in Portharcourt and it changed my life and thinking.  It got me really inspired.

I celebrate you Ma.
Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates you.

PS: The selection criteria was based on Convener at healthy moms and kids Africa watching her closely and becoming inspired.


How much fibre are you consuming?

Dietary fibre is important for our digestive health and regular bowel movements. Fibre also helps you feel fuller for longer, can improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and can assist in preventing some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.
It is advisable to choose high fibre and slow energy releasing carbohydrates.  The reason is that they can keep your appetite and it helps control the way a pregnant woman eats.

How much of fibre are you consuming?

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Convener Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates children's day at Gabodan Community.

"I believe children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way."

This was a little way of contributing my quota to make Africa healthier.

It was awesome, the children were excited. They learned why it is necessary to wash your hands always in order to prevent diseases. They had mental questions on multiplication, addition ecetera.

Our Africa Matron "Dr Peju Afanu" designed lovely notebooks for these children.  This passes a message 'let the children keep writing.' Education is key.
The event started at 5pm and ended 5:45pm
I appreciate God for making this a success.

Life is indeed beautiful.
Thanks team Pat Okpe!!!


Ifeoma Nwokocha-Sam Timothy

Celebrating Healthy moms and kids Eye Consultant and Specialist, Ifeoma Nwokocha - Sam Timothy all the way from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We celebrate you.

Your kindness, contribution  and patience in helping this mission is overwhelming.

Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates you.

Contact her on eye counseling


Test Yourself If You Are Anorexic

Anorexia is a complex eating disorder which involves fear of getting fat. "An eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they eat."
1. Do you eat very small amount of food?
2. Do you have fear of gaining weight?
3. Do you feel weak and fainting?
4. Are you very thin?
5. Do you skip meals deliberately to get thin?
6. Do you feel underweight?
7. Do you feel that you are fat, whereas you are skinny?
8. Are you obsessively exercising to get thin?

If 3 or more "YES" to the questions above, then you are likely to be Anorexic.

Fidelia Itohan Ajilore

Today's phenomenal woman is Fidelia Itohan Ajilore.  She is convener at Sister's world connect, a forum aimed at bringing Christian sisters together to help them through a journey of healing and recovering in the word of God.

She touches the lives of over 3,937 members in her network by inspiring them daily with edifying words from the Bible.

You are celebrated Ma.

Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates you.


Test Yourself If You Have Food Addiction.

1. Have you ever been full but couldn't stop eating?
2. Do you eat when you are not hungry?
3. Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty about what you have eaten?
4. Are you constantly thinking about food and your weight?
5. Do you eat alone or would you eat differently in front of someone?
6. Do you eat to escape feelings like sadness or depression?
7. Do you obsessively calculate calories?
8. Do you constantly crash diet to lose weight?

Photo credit: health

PS: If 3 or more "YES" to these questions, you are classified to have food addiction.

#togetherwecouldmakeAfrica healthier

Vitamins from food - not supplements- linked with good health

Photo credit:
A new study shows that only nutrients from food, not supplements are efficient. The results support the idea that there are beneficial associations with nutrients from foods that aren't seen with supplements.
Consuming large doses of some nutrients through supplements might be harmful.
The study found that getting high level of calcium from supplements was linked to an increased risk of death from cancer. 

The study found that people who consume adequate amounts of vitamin K or magnesium had a lower risk of death from any cause during the study period, compared with those who didn't get adequate levels of these nutrients.

People who consumed adequate levels of vitamin A,K, zinc or copper had a lower risk of death from heart disease, compared with those who didn't get adequate levels of these nutrients.
But when the researchers considered the source of these nutrients- Food versus supplements, only nutrients from food were tied to a lower risk of d…

Dr Omopeju Afanu

Today's phenomenal woman is Dr Omopeju Afanu. 
She  is well versed in project management, finance and administration with experience in managing different scales of projects earning her the position of Managing Director and Vice President/COO of several organizations. She has undergone a few professional courses as follows: Interior Design at the National Design Academy, U.K.; Project Management at the University of Adelaide and; Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), U.K. (in view) She has successfully completed courses in Developing Future Cities at ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Professional Protocol and Etiquette course at the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, U.S.A.; The World Bank Group course on Financing for Development and was certified as a Development Specialist with Distinction; An Introductory course on Private Equity and Venture Capital at University of Bocconi, Spain; Entrepreneurial Management at Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan-Atlanti…

New Brain Study Explains Why Depression May Be Common In Women Than Men

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Researchers have scanned the brains of 115 participants and found that inflammation can lead to a loss of pleasure called anhedonia  in women but not in men.

Women have depression at a 'far greater rate than men,' and new research helps explain why. Depression, the "leading cause of disability worldwide," is far more prevalent in women than it is in men. Worldwide, over 300 million people live with depression. Among young people aged between 14 and 25, females are more than twice as likely to have depression as males. Although these differences become less pronounced in later adulthood, global estimates still show a 1.7-fold increase in the prevalence of depression among women, compared with men. Anhedonia is one of the hallmarks of major depressive disorder. Anhedonia describes the inability to derive joy or pleasure from activities that used to feel enjoyable. On a neurological level, anhedonia presents itself as reduced activity in the brain&…

Zee Obi

Today's phenomenal woman is Zee Obi.
About her:

She is an experienced early childhood education and a parent coach.  She is the founder of the Home Educator's Network and has spent 10years learning brain education and childhood education.

Her "moms diary" exposes parents and caregivers to her daily learning and creative activities with her kids.

Her passion to help children develop into their highest potentials is overwhelming.

She does homeschooling ( educating children at home or a variety of other places

What's inspiring about her?

Her dedication to homeschooling her very own children is an exciting adventure.

I celebrate you Ma
Healthy moms and kids Africa celebrates you.

PS: The selection criteria was on based convener at Healthy moms and Kids Africa watching her closely and getting inspired.


The inspiring story of Cicillia Akor

Photocredit:  HealthymomskidsAfrica.
Today's phenomenal woman is Mama Cicillia.  Her story is so inspiring.

Over 20years ago, she started planting natural herbs which she prepares as medicine to treat illnesses. She said "I used these herbs to help many people get well from their sickness".

3years ago, she started farming vegetables( our popular UGU leaves).  She purchases the seed for 5000naira.

Her Challenges:
Fundings to improve her business

What's inspiring about Mama Cicillia is the fact that she is passionate about her farming business and hopes to sell her leaves to as far as people living in Abuja.

She should be located and empowered on her skills on herbal medicine.

I celebrate you Ma
Healthy Moms and Kids Africa celebrates you.


The Nigerian Child.

Photo credit: HealthymomskidsAfrica.

The survival of children through their early years depends on the adults who care for them. Children need to eat well in order to grow, be healthy and strong. They need protection from illness and injury as they explore the world around them. When they are sick, they need good medical care. Adults must meet many needs of a growing child. Children also need adults who give them love, affection, and appreciation. They need adults who spend time playing and communicating with them. Adults help children from birth to learn the skills that will make it possible for them, too, to become competent, happy, and caring adults. Community health workers support the efforts of families and other caregivers as they raise their children. Their support can be critical to the child’s healthy growth and development, especially when caregivers also face poverty, isolation, chronic illness, and other difficult conditions. Children should be breastfed,  young children …

Malaria Burden In Nigeria

photo credit: travelpharm

Nigeria still has the highest burden of malaria globally which remains the top cause of child illness and death. USAID supports effort to decrease the number of malaria-related deaths in pregnant women and children each year by increasing access to and availability of treatment, insecticide-treated bed nets, and re-treatment kits. 

Between 2010 and 2015, malaria interventions through the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) resulted in a 36 percent reduction in malaria parasites found in the blood of children under age five, per the Malaria Indicator Survey. PMI/Nigeria has scaled up malaria control interventions and since 2014 has distributed 22 million mosquito bed nets, 14 million malaria rapid diagnostic test kits, over 48 million treatments courses for malaria, and eight million doses of medication to prevent malaria in pregnancy.

Ensure you get mosquito bed nets and rapid diagnostic test kit in your home.

Source: USAID

One of Nigeria's most critical development challenges.

Maternal and child health is one of Nigeria's most critical development challenges
Health indicators in Nigeria are some of the worst in Africa. The country has one of the fastest growing populations globally. With 5.5 live births per woman and a population growth rate of 3.2 percent annually, It is estimated to reach 440 million people by 2050. With its rapidly growing population and development challenges, the country drags down the socioeconomic indicators for the entire African continent. To help address its high mortality rates, USAID supports increased access to quality family planning and reproductive health services, immunizations, polio eradication, malaria prevention and maternal health services. We work with the Government of Nigeria to encourage greater budget expenditures for health.  In partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, and the U.S. Department of Defense Walter Reed Program, we assist Nigeria to build its capacity to manage HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis …

Detox Drink

Detox drink from curejoy.   Detoxify your body system over the weekend.

It might have been a long week of consuming junks, fizzy drinks and tons of sugar.

A glass of this could detox your body system for a healthier you.


Quote of the day

From brainykidfoundation

Hajia Hauwa Alkashim Huru

Today's phenomenal woman is Hajia Hauwa Alkashim Huru.  She is C.E.O at Infinitewealthltd, an Indigenous agro Company born out of a burning desire to respond to the health needs of everyone.

She has successfully created a network that empowers women from the farms in rural areas to the skyscrapers in the city.

She is a woman who has demonstrated fitness emotionally which has enabled her cross life hurdles. You wouldn't want to hear her story... Really inspiring and thought provoking.

 She was given two choices:

Accept neglect and deprivation or rise and create wealth for yourself and others.
She choose joy!!

Follow her on:
Instagram: infinitewealthl
Or visit www.infinitewealthltd

I celebrate you Ma.
The world celebrates you


New study shows that how healthy people think they are isn't always an accurate indicator for their risk of cardiovascular diseases.

photo Feeling healthy: A good start, but not always a good indicator of health diseases risk. Most of us feel that we have a general idea of how Healthy we are based on diet, exercise routine and how we often get sick.
A new research says:

It isn't always an accurate indicator.
In a study of medical information gathered on more than 6,800 people in the United States, the researchers found that 10% of those who rated themselves in excellent health had measurable evidence of cardiovascular disease without symptoms, putting them at higher risk for a heart attack or stroke. The better news from their analysis, the researchers say, is that when combined with definitive risk tools, such as coronary artery calcium scans to determine plaque buildup in the heart's arteries, self-reported perceptions of health do have value and can complement these tools to indicate cardiovascular disease risk. The researchers note that this study wasn't designed to determine cause…

Mushroom Plus

Healthy Moms and Kids Africa is collaborating with Mushroom Plus to ensure that everyone gets a pack of Mushroom powder.

10% of your purchase goes to Healthy Moms and Kids Africa rural development project.

Price per pack: 500Naira( Small pack)
1000Naira(Medium Pack)

Here are the benefits of mushroom:

weight loss
relief from highcholesterol levels, anddiabetes
They are a rich source offiber,selenium,vitamin C, andvitamin Dand also help in increasing the strength of your immune system.

Temiye Olufunke

I call her  "doctor of the mind". Temiye Olufunke is an inspirational speaker at managing my emotions with Funke.

Her quotes have inspired me greatly.
Below are some of her quotes:

"The Antidote to Bitterness is Forgiveness
Forgiveness liberates you more than the other person
Forgive yourself first,then others".

"If U don't even Love Urself,why should anyone else love U?
U teach people how to love U by how U love Urself.

Its starts with U".

"The people in your circle should be a source of reducing the stress in your life not the major cause of it.

Define your circle".

I celebrate what she is doing to make the minds of people strengthened.

I celebrate you Ma.

PS: The selection criteria was based on Convener Healthy Moms and Kids AFRICA following her inspirational quotes and getting strengthened.


Awele Andrew Anetor

Another phenomenal MOMpreneur.  She is a woman that I have closely watched from secondary school days.  I always wished that she was my school mother when I was in junior classπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ ( You know school mother something).

I saw her as a strong person and straight to the point(some people might call it being blunt). I call it being able to control your own emotions to avoid distractions.

I celebrate the woman you are today.

A Wife, a Mother, a Mompreneur and Bible scholar.

I celebrate you Ma.

Follow her on Facebook
To get quality shoes in her online store

PS: The selection criteria was based on Convener at Healthy Moms and Kids Africa closely watching her and getting inspired.


Vinyasa club America

Vinyasa Club in America acknowledged Healthy moms and kids Africa for a collaboration.
Check out this:
You could go to their website and search on their products.  10% of their profit on  purchase is donated to Anxiety and Depression Association.

Disclaimer: Healthy Moms and Kids Africa is not responsible for any transaction between the company and buyers from Nigeria.


Mama Bisi

Today's phenomenal woman is Mama Bisi(prefers to be called that).  She is a woman who has dedicated 5years selling "puff puff" at 10naira each.

She narrated that she had to do this to help train her children in school.

What really inspired me about her was the fact that she is so hopeful that she wouldn't end here.  She hopes to take her business to the next level.  A clean environment, well packaged and sealed fluffy puff puff.
She got me really inspired, very happy at what she is doing.  Her constitency for 5years got me off the hook.

Dear youth, suicide is not an option, better days are ahead.  Get inspired!

I celebrate you Ma.


Ejiro Ovie Robbi

Here's another fit woman.  Years ago at the University of Science and Technology, while studying Law, Mrs (Barrister) Ejiro Ovie Robbi started an enterprise of which she sold natural human hair.
After being called to Bar, she continued with her business over the years.
Today,she is C.E.O at E_plex hair.

I am very sure, it wasn't an easy journey but her perseverance and consistency made her business grow.

Her consistency and dedication has inspired me over the years.

I celebrate you sis.
Follow her on:
Instagram: E_plexhair

PS: The selection criteria was based on Convener at Healthy Moms and Kids Africa carefully observing her over the years and getting inspired.


Pawpaw Seed( A cure for Typhoid)

Pawpaw seeds have been proven to be effective to cure typhoid fever. 

Chew a handful, it kills the bacteria that causes typhoid.


Margaret Popoola

Celebrating my mom as a phenomenal mother.

Her Career:
From a Classroom teacher, she got promoted to the level of a Vice- Principal at Uselu Secondary School Benin City.

As her career progressed, she became the Supervisor at the Education Board Benin City.  She got to the peak of her Career and retired as a Director at the Education Board in Benin City, Nigeria.

Who wouldn't celebrate a woman who demonstrated fitness in her career and served her Nation diligently.

Her diligence in serving her country got me inspired as well as her role as a praying Mom and her service to God.

"Hello girls! It's time for morning devotion"πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

You are celebrated Ma.


Sarah Collins Boro

Today's phenomenal fit MOMpreneur.

She is a great woman who is doing great things, keeping fit, being healthy, beautiful and confident to make a lasting difference while slaying.

She is CEO at Ruteg Fabrics, a Company that deals on quality fabrics. She is also Director at Sarah Investment Ltd, a Company that is into air conditioning installation and maintenance.

The reason I got really inspired by her is the fact that she actively balances the role of a mom, wife and the role of an entrepreneur.

She manages her family affairs, her job and businesses while taking care of her appearance and slaying all day.

You are celebrated Sis.

Follow her on:
Instagram: @Rutegfabrics
Or on Facebook

PS: This selection criteria was based on Convener at Healthy Moms and Kids Africa carefully watching her over the years and getting inspired.


Patricia Brotugbare

Our phenomenal fit woman for today is Patricia Brotugbare.

She is the C.E.O at Real Educators Integrated.  She is a woman who had fought through emotional stress which could have led to demorilization in her passion and career, but she choose to stay strong and fit, never allowing family challenges prevent her from what she loves doing.

She is a lover of children and has inspired many children. She has organized several programmes to help children develop into her highest potentials.  She has a club for children named: S.T.E.A.M and Etiquette that educates children.

Her passion to develop children spurred her to create Aunty Pat Real Learning cartoon animation.

She is the Author of the book "Reading Nuggets".

She believes that; "Children are curious, they use exploration and discovery to imagine and act stories from a young age".

One thing I saw unique about her is that she is a Mobile Educator.

We celebrate you Ma!
The world celebrates you!!
You have demonstrated…

Celebrating 100 Phenomenal Fit Women

Are you asking why this? At healthy moms and kids Africa, we believe that to face life's challenges, you have to demonstrate a level of fitness.


We hope to pick randomly from Rural and Urban Communities.  Most women work so hard to make a difference in their society and family.

Some Rural women go into farming and other petty trade to make ends meet.

Our selection criteria:
This selection is not a biased one... How?
Convener Healthy moms and kids Africa(Irivwegu Imade Ovye) has carefully watched these women from afar, she loves what they do to make a difference in the world.

She choose them to inspire others.

Watch out for our 100 phenomenal fit women.

Childhood Anxiety

Studies have shown that a parent's involvement in their child's treatment can help reduce anxiety.
The article stated that parents are in a position to help, since their kids naturally rely on them for reassurances and protection.
Kids feel fearful most times and the type of fear they experience can change as they age, but if they don't outgrow their fears or if their worries go on for too long, they may have an anxiety disorder.

Signs of anxiety disorder in kids
Act irritably or angry
Trouble sleeping stomach aches
Mood swings
Problems in school and social interactions.

To determine whether teaching parents strategies for responding to their child’s anxiety works as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, a team led by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center tested a program called Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE). SPACE helps parents identify which accommodating behaviors they can reduce and …