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April 25th is world malaria day.  Malaria is one of the major cause of death among children. Over 220million people are infected yearly.

Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite. The parasite is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

Few months ago, I was diagnosed of Malaria++,
I realized that I had failed in its prevention. This is because I stayed briefly in a zone that is mosquito populated. This really got me thinking on it's eradication, natural treatment and prevention.

It usually comes with symptoms like fever, cod chills, headache, muscle pain and fatigue.

Over 1200 plant species from 160 families are used to treat malaria and fever.

While researchers keep finding solutions on natural therapy that is very effective to for treatment of malaria and it's eradication, we could consider protective methods.
When travelling to another region where there could be mosquitoes, ensure that you go prepared.

Treated mosquito net
Mosquito repellent.

It is also very important that we start the eradication method from our household.  Ensure that your environment is free from stagnant water, dirt and bushes.

Ensure you fumigate your household and environment from time to time.
Ensure that you get rid of old clothing's and old stuff in your household.
If you live in a zone that mosquito seems inevitable, get a treated mosquito net .

Malaria eradication starts from us.

Happy weekend


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